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How To Show Up For Your Life with Andrew Gil

December 29, 2021

Today, I'm joined by Andrew Gil.  Here's Andrew's bio in his own words:

"I’ve lived a colorful life full of experiences that have taught me that life keeps coming, and the “tools” we choose will determine how we get to live. Self-Awareness, Curiosity, Empathy, and Gratitude are tools. So are Disassociation, Anger, and Substance Abuse. We get to choose our tools.

At the end of 2013, I found myself in a place where I needed to let go of the tough guy that was fighting inside me and consider a different way to live, or I was about to lose the only thing I ever truly wanted, my family.

I’m Jenn’s husband and the father of two amazing teenagers who live life without fear of how I’ll react to life’s challenges; that’s how I gauge my success. 

I’ve been sober since 2013 that’s when I began the process of building my Emotional Intelligence with purpose. 

When I put a process in place for understanding my feelings it changed everything for me. It changed everything at home, and as a by-product, you can bet your ass it changed everything at work too. Being curious about what I react to also allows me to better understand the emotions of those around me.

Like everyone, I’m a work in progress, sorting through my emotional triggers, but I can now tell if my emotions have hijacked my thoughts and actions."

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